Occupational Health Services that Work.

Precision Health's drug and alcohol testing services comply with United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations

Precision Health believes that a properly designed and administered employee occupational health program is the best way to minimize employee injuries and lost productivity due to employee health-related issues.

Precision Health is an industry leader in helping transportation companies that operate in the US implement and maintain a drug and alcohol testing program that complies with United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

We have also worked extensively with companies from other industry sectors, including construction, health care, aerospace and government, to develop and administer drug and alcohol testing and occupational health programs for their unique requirements.

Precision Health offers a full suite of services to ensure and encourage employee health and wellness, including pre-hire screening, medical assessments, physical demands analysis assessments, hearing tests and onsite wellness and flu shot clinics.

We know you don't take your employee's health lightly, and neither do we. Contact Precision Health today and let's get working on keeping your employees working.

If you require court-ordered proof of abstinence from drugs and alcohol, Precision Health is here to help.
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Precision Health now offers hair analysis, a non-invasive and low cost method of testing for drug and alcohol use, as well as screening for toxic substances from environmental exposure.
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